The LANL EDM Experiment: Searching for Time Reversal Violation


Since CP is violated in Nature, it follows from the CPT Theorem that Time Reversal must also be violated. A finite Electric Dipole Moment of the neutron results from T violation but to date experiments have not observed a finite EDM.

A search for a neutron EDM is underway at Los Alamos using Ultra Cold Neutrons from the solid deuterium UCN source. The experiment is expected to improve the sensitivity to a finite EDM by an order of magnitude over the existing limit.

The talk will discuss the status and plans for the LANL EDM experiment and how the LANL experiment fits with the effort underway (with LANL participation) at the Spallation Neutron Source in Oak Ridge.

Speaker : 

Dr. Thomas Bowles


CENPA Conference Room NPL 178