High Precision Experiments with Cold and Ultra-Cold Neutrons


The Neutron and Quantum Physics Group at TU Wien pursues various research
approaches in the field of particles and cosmology. In this talk, I will present precise
symmetry tests of various kinds, which are coming within reach with neutron decay facility
PERC at Munich research reactor FRM2 or at ESS, the European Spallation Source. In focus
are searches for possible deviations from the Standard Model (SM) of particle physics with
cold and ultra-cold neutrons. Next, we present a novel direct search strategy with neutrons
based on a quantum bouncing ball in the gravity potential of the earth. The aim is to test the
law of gravitation with a quantum interference technique, providing constraints on dark
matter and dark energy.

Speaker : 

Hartmut Abele


CENPA Conference Room NPL-178