Electric Dipole Moment Measurements at Storage Rings


The Electric Dipole Moment (EDM) of elementary particles, including hadrons, is considered as one of the most powerful tools to study the combined violation of charge conjugation (C) and parity (P) symmetry beyond the Standard Model. Such CP violating mechanisms are required to explain the dominance of matter over anti-matter in our universe.

Up to now experiments concentrated on neutral systems, namely neutron, atoms and molecules. Storage rings offer the possibility to measure EDMs of charged particles by observing the influence of the EDM on the spin motion. The Cooler Synchrotron COSY at the Forschungszentrum Jülich provides polarized protons and deuterons up to a momentum of 3.7 GeV/c making it an ideal starting point for such an experimental programme. Plans for measurements of charged hadron EDMs and results of first test measurements will be presented.

Speaker : 

Jörg Pretz, RWTH Aachen University & Forschungszentrum Jülich


CENPA Conference Room NPL-178