Searches for supersymmetry in final states with photons in CMS


The Standard Model (SM) is very successful at explaining a wide
range of phenomena. With the discovery of the Higgs boson,
the SM is complete. Yet there are still many questions left
unanswered: Why is the Higgs mass so light when it receives
radiative corrections up to the Planck scale? What is dark
matter? The supersymmetric extension to the SM would
provide solutions to these problems. Models of supersymmetry
with general gauge-mediated supersymmetry breaking often
lead to final states containing photons and large missing
transverse momentum. In this talk, I will discuss the searches
for supersymmetry in events with photons in proton-proton
collisions at √S = 13 TeV at the CMS experiment.

Speaker : 

Menglei Sun (Carnegie Mellon University)


Presentation at 3:45 PM, NPL 178 Coffee and cookies starting at 3:30 PM