On the new MiniBooNE/LSND results


I will present and provide some background for a recent
MiniBooNE/LSND posting on the arXiv (1805.12028). The
MiniBooNE result includes new recently analyzed data. The
excess of electron neutrino like events observed in both
MiniBooNE and LSND appears consistent. If interpreted as
muon-neutrino (muon-anti-neutrino) oscillating into electron-
neutrino (electron-anti-neutrino) via a light sterile neutrino, the
best fit has a probability of ~20% while a background only fit
has a ?2 probability of 5x10-7 relative to the best fit. I will also
present a recent update of an arXiv posting by the MINOS
collaboration (1710-06488v2) that would make an
interpretation employing a sterile neutrino highly unlikely.

Speaker : 

Gerry Garvey, PhD (University of Washington)


Presentation at 3:00 PM, NPL 178 Coffee and cookies starting at 2:45 PM