CENPA Instrument Shop

Facility Contact: 

Tom Burritt
(206) 543-4083
Jim Elms
(206) 543-4083
Hendrik Simons


Facility Description: 

Our instrument shop is manned by two highly skilled instrument makers with decades of experience working in the university and research environments. The shop equipment is kept up to date as evidenced by the recent addition of a CNC mill and CNC lathe. The instrument makers interact with students, staff, and faculty on a daily basis providing instruction on how to design physically realizable devices and how to correctly document design changes. In this sense it is an instructional facility as well as a shop facility.

B6 Atrump CNC Mill

The B6 Atrump CNC milling machine is our programmable milling machine with a working envelope of 20"X20"X40".

Bridgeport mill

Standard Bridgeport milling machine.

Cincinnati drill

The Cincinnati is a large radial arm drill with automatic down feed, capable of drilling large holes in large pieces of material.

Cincinnati mill

Cincinnati milling machine is the horizontal type. Mainly used for squaring up pieces.

Defiance mill

The Defiance is our large boring mill, capable of accommodating large pieces for milling and boring.

Jet drill press

Computer controlled drill press with an automatic tapping feature.

Johnson cut-off saw

The Johnson is our main cut-off saw to cut stock material.

LeBlond lathe

The LeBlond is a standard engine lathe with a 10" chuck and 6ft. between centers.

Mattison grinder

The Mattison is our large surface grinder with a 12"X36" magnetic chuck.

Monarch lathe

The Monarch is a precision tool room lathe with a 13" swing.

Pexto Shear
SouthBend lathe

 The South Bend is a small machine shop lathe.

Welding Station
Atrump CNC Lathe

Atrump CNC Lathe


Standard Bridgeport milling machine


Lathe with a 24" swing and will accommodate large pieces up to 10 feet long.

Monarch lathe

The Monarch is a precision tool room lathe with a 13" swing.